About KIM-I

The Kingdom Institute of Ministry International (KIM-I) is the online equipping portal with which to teach, train, activate and release Ambassadors of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach globally to impact their sphere of influence with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.  KIM-I is a Bible College of Higher Spiritual Learning specializing in Practical Kingdom Ministry with an overall Apostolic world view.  Our curriculum is Bible-based and enhanced by focused practicums.  This Kingdom Institution is a Christ-focused, Spirit-led, non-Graduatesdenominational, and non-legalistic delegation of the Kingdom of God. Our focal-point is directed in three areas: 

1.) The Maturation:  The process of growing up and maturing in Christ.

2.) The Mobilization:  To become prepared for the work of one's ministry as if for war.

3.) The Multiplication:  The process of multiplying or being duplicated; the operation of adding to the Church by multiplying yourself, numerous times over; thereby, producing souls in God's house and expanding the Kingdom of God on Earth.

KINGDOM VISION:  The vision of KIM-I is Kingdom-based upon scripture found in the Word of God, which states: "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:10)  We see the saints of the Most High God taking the Kingdom, possessing it forever and carrying out great exploits by the powerful demonstration of the Spirit of God from generation to generation. (Daniel 7:18)

KINGDOM MISSION:  The mission of KIM-I is at the heart of the berith-diatheke (covenant) with the Most High God and Kingdom-minded saint under the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ, to educate, legislate and enforce God's end-time agenda for global Kingdom advancement on Earth, over and against the wiles of the devil to the glory of God.

KINGDOM OVERVIEW: Our overview is a three-fold Kingdom initiative:

 I.)  The restoration of all of the Five-Fold Ministry gifts back to the Church for governance.

II.)  The reclaiming of the seven spheres of influence in business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, family and religion within  nations, leading to the spiritual transformation of lives and physical reformation of nations, globally by the power of God through evangelism and discipleship.

III.) To provide humanitarian services through organized projects and developed activities with affiliates around the world to help those in need and promote self-reliance through training. 

This Kingdom initiative calls for successfully equipped and relevant Kingdom Ambassadors to become a catalyst in their sphere of influence.  The Most High God empowers His saints to take and possess of the Kingdom forever and do great exploits by the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit here on earth.  Whether, a seasoned saint, a new disciple, called to the Five-Fold Ministry, or just wanting to build a deeper relationship with God, KIM-I is for you.

We offers a flexible distance Bible Education, which is convenient and virtually accessible anytime anywhere you have internet access.

Other benefits include:

    • Student-paced courses: Set your own schedule
    • Year-round open registration and enrollment
    • Non-refundable application processing fee
    • Affordable per course enrollment fee. No tuition. 
    • Course duration: 120-Day
    • Global forums, student and teacher interaction
    • Accelerated or leisurely complete course(s)
    • Revelation, impartation, activation and release
    • Earn ministry credentials

We believe that you didn't just happen to come here by chance, but rather you were summoned here by the Holy Spirit to be equipped for ministry at our life-changing Kingdom Institute.  For admissions information, click here.  Glory be to God!

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